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About Us

The constant change in the structure of cities and the development of technical lasting effect may be effectively and deep on the concept of fire trucks industry
Technical Improvements carried out by the fire trucks and rescue and ambulance particular factories and industrial vehicles in general for each region of the world, according to the natural and climatic conditions of factories have been born the idea that the factory national specialist
There was always a need for the existence of specialized domestic industry concerned with industry and enforcement, fire fighting and focus on local needs and try to identify the problems faced by firefighters in their work and to develop solutions to them through Tstmbm fit the reality of our country
It has to benefit from the long experience of the group commercial painter in supplying and equipping fire trucks and rescue and ambulance, it has been proposed the idea of ​​establishing a factory of told Sheikh Munif Saad painter and the support of the board of directors headed by Sheikh Saad painter, where technical factory gather a group of owners of competence, experience and technical technical high in the design and manufacture of fire trucks and rescue and ambulance and metal structures were to translate these need real action, where they founded in the third industrial zone by way of the output in Riyadh this edifice industrial specialist and so in 2000 under the Industrial License No. 9 / p on 01/03/1421 AH
The technical factory of fire trucks and rescue and ambulance from specialized factories national leader in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region for the manufacture of fire trucks and rescue and ambulance
The factory receives the support and expertise able leadership of European companies are global factories prestigious in this area, where the engineers from known overseeing the design, production and quality generic carriers advanced technology used standard in Europe factories to UK international companies and thus contribute to the national development of industry in the Kingdom of service
The factory also has a technical support and technical support from the US and Utros company that we represent in the Kingdom, which is one of the world Akplr factories for the manufacture of pumps and equipment for fire-fighting
And adheres to the highest technical quality and plant quality and good performance criteria provided where a group of engineers who worked multiple positions allow them to see fire trucks technology opportunities in addition to their education and experience accumulated Hithikdmon deep heartfelt experience to maintain the success and quality and high performance
Was added to the selection of skilled labor specialized distinct from qualified and experienced creative professional that enables the plant to succeed in providing products with the highest international quality standards and the finest art technologies in the field of fire fighting industry
One of the main priorities of the technical factory policy is to attract young people to the Saudi action where we started to train Saudi youth to acquire skills of Science and Technology and Mineral Industries to increase our ability to rely on our potential Arabia only to later expanded our capabilities to become a self-made products the hands of Saudi Arabia
To keep up with the big breakthrough taking place in our dear country in all sectors supported by the hands of loyal tender for this beloved homeland, increased our ambitions due to the large number of requests, which came as a result of the trust between us and our customers as extended bridges of trust between us and them because we maintain the overall quality standards and we went to the expansion of our product program to include Stahat transport and tippers, Twank water and fuel and funds chilled metal and other industries in the field of transport, and continue our factory leading industrial role through the significant achievements of emphasis on product superiority and the Saudi leadership