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The definition of the product


6 up to 16 cubic meters capacity ,
General Specifications :

  • Loads of 2 tons up to 32 tons
  • Fund of black steel extruded ores.
  • The sides of the steel plate thickness 4 mm in addition to strengthening oblique cans of the same raw material.
  • The floor of the steel plate of not less than 6 mm.
  • Open the rear door of the system during load dump-class Mercedes.
  • Using a hydraulic piston system (Haifa).
  • Several additional box.
  • The rise of both sides of the ladder.
  • Rings download and install the sails.
  • Fenders and Nsavat background with phosphorous.
  • Trailer tippers manufactured in accordance with the assets of the industry in terms of sizes and bridges bearing partitions and occasional legged pivot and keys clouds.
  • Strong chassis with stalls suitable for loads distributed geometric style.
  • Rings strong load.
  • Pin withdraw 3.5 "or 2.5" (according to the client's request).
  • High-quality paints treatment to resist the difficult climatic conditions.
  • Tires backup (2)
  • Drinking water tank and several boxes.
  • Ladders rise Side
  • 5 year warranty on welding and assembly and one year on the feet of the pivot and hydraulic systems.
  • Lighting suitable for the system BIOS.
  • Pneumatic brake axes. Linking with electric traction system heads.