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The definition of the product

Rescue vehicles


Rescue vehicle :-

F350 V 8 HP 300 4X4

(1) structure made of profiles steel welded to each other and treated against rust and moisture from home and abroad which is covered with panels of anodized aluminum which undoubtedly rustproof and given a lighter structure weight, designed structure such a way that the driver of the good visibility from all angles.

(2) (2) Tank on every side Total (4) metal cabinets with sliding doors covered with a layer of aluminum oxide opens up.

(3) The floor of the tank made of aluminum panels highlighted the cutouts and drawers bears aluminum panels.

(4) Suitable storage lighting lit automatically when you open the doors and switches off when closed and riding circuit to control a key from inside the cabin key.

(5) provide storage shelves and drawers suitable for the storage of equipment does not allow concussed and friction while walking.

 (6) Mounted on the back of the structure or in an appropriate place for pregnant aluminum ladder.

(7) The surface of the structure covered with aluminum Panels  is designed to carry the operator and equipment carried.

(8) The structure from the back and from the forces of the right metal ladder used to climb over the back of the car.

Equipment: -

  • Optical and acoustic warning compound above the cabin and view it as a single unit and isolated well against dust device.
  • Scissors insulator of electricity up to 1000 V pair insulating gloves Electricity tested even 20,000 volts.
  • Breathe the air of PRO device with full accessories. Fire extinguisher packed powder dry chemical capacity of 20 lbs kg can be re-packaged.
    • Cut device and the separation of traffic accidents. Number one machine powered hydraulic pump.
  • Number one electric motors. And one hand Pump in two phases. Chains kit. Hatchet man rescue.
  • Scout Manual MAG LIGHT runs dry battery. Dual Filter Dust Mask.
  • Multi-purpose lever. Warning pregnant women. Jacket rescue provider LIGHITER tape.
  • Trunk Band-Aid .habl rescue of Dacron.
  • Scouts Sticky Bmakhr the car can be controlled in a directed.
  • Him two layers of aluminum.
  • Winch pull the car works electricity to a compound in the foreground.
  • To a multi-purpose saw. Bags of various sizes. Fog Lights, distributed on the sides of the car.
  • Blanket of wool solid. Several hand-bag. WIRE pull of steel.
  • Halogen searchlight of 1000 Watt compound over the car on pole metal rises until 5 meters high and lies that wraps in all directions.
  • Save a pair shoes made of natural leather. Iron scissors cut up to 14 mm. Its lifeline.