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The definition of the product

Rescue equipment and safety

Safety , Rescue Equipment and Accessories:-

This equipment includes all the necessary equipment for the fire and rescue man to be able to fulfill its mandate to the fullest and as soon as taking into account the highest degree of safety of the most famous Brand and international companies.

Examples :

  • Firefighter suit.
  • Buffer suit chemicals.
  • Suit fire.
  • Explosion-proof lighting batteries.
  • Safety shoes, fire, chemicals and electricity (Safety).
  • Masks a high standard.
  • Helmet head.
  • Hoops survival.
  • Fire blankets.


  • Fire pumps type multiple sizes and US WATERROUS.
  • Valves & Fittings unnecessary fire.
  • Group Bags multiple sizes of the lift.
  • Links and covers extinguishing exits from chrome-plated brass.
  • Different measurement indicators.
  • Launchers water and foam.
  • Scissors iron.
  • Hoses of the finest quality.
  • Saws multi-purpose iron.
  • Engines smoke expulsion.
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