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The definition of the product

Luminescent trailers

Luminescent Trailers
Trailer lighting 10 kV - two axes  6x1500 watt
General Specifications of the trailer :

  • The chassis of the steel-reinforced extruded and formed cold.
  • Two axes 4 Tires load 3 tons – Sheet  paper double (one axis optional)
  • Hitch lifting and loading 1.5 tons in front of me foldable.
  • Loop hook to pull the front. Infidels backup.
  • Length of no more than 4 meters.
  • Width of not more than 2.2 meters.
  • Fenders and with . Reflectors color
  • Electrical and lighting system suitable for the user disembark in the clouds (Ford - GMC -NISSAN)
  • Hand brake (optional).
  • Legged fulcrum variable-length is tuned according to the level of the stand.
  • Cabins of steel plate processing against weathering.
  • Side doors and rear to shut down and pneumatic Piston lift.
  • Aluminum doors Cloud (optional).
  • Generator 10 kV.
  • Electrical outlets 220-110 - 380V (optional).
  • Expel the exhaust outside the cabin to the top of the system.
  • Isolate the sound of the motor cabin (optional).
  • Lighting Telescopic 9 meter tower works compressor Sticky in-cab
  • Automated remote control.
  • 6 1500 watt halogen lights (4 head lamp optional).
  • Administration Projectors 360 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees my head.
  • Remote operation and vertical movements of the departments and tilt.
  • The possibility of horizontal management manually.