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The definition of the product

Firefightimg Vehicles


Fire fighting truck :-

They are diverse and there are what contain Tank water-sized and the other contains a small water Tank

18,000 liter tank cars WRX capacity -400 horse load 33 tons

12000- 14000 liter tank of regular cars capacity 300 HP load 20 tons

Reservoir (trapezoidal) of galvanized iron 4 mm internal Partitions

Overhead inspection holes 500 mm

Walkers tank top aluminum waster

200 liters of foam polypropylene white tank 20 mm

Shown foam and water sizes

Foam mixer from (0-6%)

Operation panel with all the counters to follow up the pressure and heat vents and the speed of the pump and The hours of operation and interlock the pump and the suction pressure of the external rotation

2.5 "exits from both sides

Polyester with hoses 50 feet 1.5 "(optional) with manual ejector

Discharge valve 4

Aluminum ladder two layers 7 meters

Ladders rise side and rear

Thrower water and foam 3 "- 500-750 gallons / minute

Headlamp hand hardened with the charger

Optical and acoustic warning device (Safety bar) with the device address

Hose reel (50 meters) 1 "- with the manual ejector

Smoke drives (optional)

Rope rescue optional

Security and safety clothing (optional)

Catalogs for illustrative business operation and maintenance of fire system drive

Year warranty on the equipment and the car

A five-year guarantee on metal business and welds

Practical and theoretical training on the operation and maintenance

Local certified power of attorney for the car and to ensure the provision of spare parts