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The definition of the product

Equipment refrigerators trailer

Refrigerators  Equipment  Trailer
Trailer refrigerator two axes - 50 cubic meter capacity
Technical Specifications:

  • The length of up to 9 meters , Height to 2.2 meters.
  • Display up to 2.5 meters
  • Ladders side and the rise of a broad background of iron waster 4 mm.
  • Chassis of steel bridges sectors of at least 200 mm supported by beams
  • Diesel reserve tank.
  • A place to number two infidels backup.
  • Court to shut down the doors and safe cover
  • Wood floor of cardboard covered with aluminum waster.
  • Aspects and bishop of the sandwich panels insulated against heat and humidity.
  • High-quality chilled Thermo king
  • Lights and electric system is suitable for the heads of traction.
  • Full insulation for all wires and electrical connections against water and moisture.
  • Legged pivot suitable for load up to 40 tons.
  • The possibility of adding relations for meat or internal shelves (optional).
  • Internal to liquidate the accumulated water out of the refrigerator box.
  • Panel external operation.
  • Year guarantee for the unity of cooling and five years of hands-