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The definition of the product

Dong Feng EQ1061T5D2 4x2- 4000 liters

Fuel Tankers :-

Top Mobilize

Fuel Tanks ( Medium , Small ) Specifications Upper Packing System (External) :

  • Cabinets are made of black iron thickness of not less than 4 mm up to 10,000 liters.
  • Reservoirs supported with holders appropriate and distributed along the reservoir to ensure stability and poise.
  • Chassis Assistant steel installed on the original chassis of the car fixed and closing according to the specifications of the original manufacturer of the car.
  • Partitions internal plumb distributed asymmetrically to ensure resistance concussions while on the move.
  • Upper basin with slot vent slot inspection.
  • Transparent pipe to indicate the level of mobilization.
  • Rear ladder to reach the top of the tank.
  • Fenders and clashes background of steel.
  • Side pipes to save hoses (optional).
  • Disposal of surplus exits with valves and tank assembly.
  • 2 Extinguisher powder 10 kg (extra extinguishers optional).
  • Provider from the top of the tank vent fumes system.
  • Fill in and Drainage with external pump.
  • Hose reel 15 meters.
  • Pistol filled with the discharge of liters counter.
  • Pump on the PTO and hydraulic system (optional).
  • Exits covered with dust-proof covers with chains.
  • SQL statement in the tank size and safety instructions on the form or print posters in Arabic and English and is clearly on both sides of the tank and the back.
  • Reservoir greased and processor from abroad, according to the industry's assets and paints resistance to climatic factors.
  • lighting systems identical to traffic.