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The definition of the product

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A fire truck and multi-purpose rescue: -

(1) The vehicle is designed to harmonize the atmosphere and conditions Arabia it is suitable for high temperatures and fog salt and desert dry as making the main structure of aluminum resistant to corrosion and rust, with cabins can accommodate a crew of 6 members is poised to combat all fire types. Fitted with a water tank capacity (1600 gallons) and foam tank capacity (250 liters), with Automatic system for the preparation and intensify foam works accurately and quickly.

(2) The vehicle is equipped with a fire pump USA-made type and model WATEROUS   HL 300 (. EN1028-1 , EN 1028-2 ) according to standard specifications are managed by transfer the pump  movement of the discharge rate of ( 790 gallons) per minute at a pressure of( 150 lb / inch 2) determined at different pressures equipped with foam mixing system device.

(3) Fitted with a panel located aft of a run includes all equipment and counters and controls, which is located within reach of the hands of a technical operating It is made of resistance to the impact of climatic factors and all the fluid-filled install cursor movement counters materials.

(4) Water tank: -

4000 liter capacity, raw fiber reinforced glass, longitudinal and cross-cutters, slot inspection of 500 m.

(5) Foam tank: -

 250 liter capacity, raw fiber reinforced glass, a separate site for the water tank, mixer Automatic foam of from  (0 - 6%).

(6) Ejector water and foam: -

 PROTEK  Type suitable for water and foam made from a compound of copper on the spherical valve a quarter roll made of stainless and is equipped with counter pressure discharge rate.

(7) The vehicle fully equipped technical and equipped with the necessary equipment.

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