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The definition of the product

Aitat and equipment and water tanks

Water Tanks
Water Tank  Medium (4000- 24,000 liters)
Trailer Semi-trailer - Water tank
Two axes - and three axes
capacity even 32,000 liters
Water tanks Specifications :

  • The form of the reservoir section - oval - round - TV format-2D - or Turabozidal (optional)
  • Cabinets are made of galvanized iron thickness of not less than 4 mm.
  • Tank sitting with holder  reservoirs  with appropriate and distributed along the reservoir to ensure stability and poise.
  • Chassis  Assistant steel installed on the original chassis of the car fixed and closing according to the specifications of the original manufacturer of
  • the vehicle (Use Wood and stalls U- BOLTS optional.
  • Inspection openings 500 mm galvanized (stainless optional).
  • Tray top vent.
  • Walkers top (optional).
  • Partitions internal plumb distributed asymmetrically to ensure resistance concussions while on the move.
  • Upper basin with slot vent slot inspection.
  • Transparent pipe to indicate the level of mobilization.
  • Side and rear stairs to reach the top of the tank.
  • Fenders and clashes background of steel.
  • Side pipes to save hoses (optional).
  • Disposal of surplus exits with valves and tank assembly.
  • Extinguisher powder 10 kg (extra extinguishers optional).
  • Exits covered with dust-proof covers with chains.
  • Reservoir greased processor inside epoxy primer and in addition to private drinking water (optional), according to the industry's assets paints 
  • resistance to climatic factors.
  • Reservoir greased and processor from abroad, according to the industry's assets and paints resistance to climatic factors.
  • lighting systems identical to Trafic.
  • Semi-trailer be either two axes or three axes.
  • Semi-trailer equipped with legs Mount suitable for carrying two-speed running from one side.
  • Tires backup holder for all equipment (cars or trailers).
  • Extras several boxes - Plastic water tanks - extra number - warning systems and lighting (optional).